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ACA as a Fiscal Agent

The ACA is a non profit RI corporation with IRS tax exempt status. We are allowed to offer our tax exempt status to other RI non profit corporations who are members of the ACA and are awaiting approval of their 501c3 application.
Why would you want this status? If you are a non profit who is applying for a grant and the GRANTOR requires your tax exempt number then you need to have IRS tax exempt status. If you are a non profit who is running a fundraiser and want your donors to have the ability to deduct any contributions made to your non profit they need a tax exempt number. As a member of the ACA your non profit organization can apply for the ACA to be your Fiscal Agent. This gives your non profit the ability to use our tax exempt number for your grant application or fundraiser. You can download the application and mail or email to us

If you are currently not a member of the ACA then make application for membership first.


Any and all grant funds or fundraising funds passed through the ACA as a Fiscal Agent are charged an administrative fee.

If you are a group who is not yet applied as a non profit you can apply to the RI Division of Corporations to become a RI non profit corporation. Should you need assistance with this application you may qualify through the RI BAR association or the Arts and Business Council

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